European Roulette

The European Roulette is somewhat similar to French Roulette that consists of 37 chambers rather than the usual 38. A game which is equally thrilling and exciting is a more fun game than the American Roulette. This might appear like a minute difference but in actual this difference almost halves the house edge.

Play European Roulette in Online Casino

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European Roulette information

Even though beginners might find this online roulette table a bit daunting but afterwards players become used to the game and its rules. Here the basic idea for playing the game is very easy to learn, you have to just guess one chamber out of the 37 chambers in which the plastic ball will end up in. Also, players can opt for choosing the general range or color of the pot or whether an odd or even chamber that will end up in the last.

How to play European Roulette?

Here’s a way to set yourself for this iconic casino game of European Roulette. First you have to place your bets. On any of the single spin, you are allowed to make any combination of the following bets:

  • Ranges: It is to guess whether the chosen number will be in the upper or lower half of numbers. Also, guess if it’ll be in the first, second or third or if it will land in the first, second or third ‘column.’
  • Pairs or Quadrants: You can place your chips between chosen numbers for betting on pairs or quadrants of the numbers.
  • Odd or Even: Choosing on which odd or even number the ball will end up in.
  • Red or Black: Choose whether the number coming up will be red or black.
  • Single Number: Guess a number which you believe the ball will end up in.
  • After making a selection, simply click to spin and wait for your chosen number to win.