French Roulette

Commonly found in the Monte Carlo Casino, French Roulette is a unique table layout game that matches with some of the European Roulette features. This table includes 37 pots that are numbered rather than the 38 pots in American Roulette. The latter one has an extra ‘00’ numbered pot that notably adds to the actual edge.

Play French Roulette in Online Casino

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How to play French Roulette?

When you want to play French Roulette, you have a number of choices for increasing your wealth. You just have to bet and in it, the payout amount is inversely proportional to the winning probability. You have the choice of betting with amounts ranging between $1 and $500 on any of the following types of bets:

  • Bet On A Color, i.e. Red Or Black: Betting with the color choosing type gets you less than 50% chance of doubling the amount you bet.
  • Bet on All Odds or Evens: Here with this, you can marginally lower your winning possibility and make it a 50-50 chance.
  • You can bet on the first half of the available numbers, ranging from 1 to 18 or you may even opt for the second half, ranging from 19 to 36.
  • Here you have an option to bet on the first dozen, second dozen, or third dozen. With this betting you can get slightly less than one-in-three chance of tripling your betting amounts.
  • Bet on a ‘column’: Here you have 33% chance of earning three times of the amount you made a bet on.
  • Bet on a Three Line (Street), Corner (Square), Or Split: By placing a bet on the edges of individual number boxes, you can cover two, three, or four numbers.
  • Bet Straight Up On A Number: This gets you less than a 3% chance to earn 35 times of your amount that you invest on a single number.

Even if you face problems in keeping track of all the above mentioned bets, there is nothing to worry about. There are minute level payout tables that make it very easy to manage and update your bets. In roulette online there is only a single 0 that can get you a house edge of 2.7%.

However, French Roulette is not so different from other casino games. There are chances when you will start liking the game and play or enjoy its classic version.