Online Casino Curacao

Curaçao licensed casinos are often mentioned as a separate phenomenon in the casino world. What makes online casinos based in Curaçao special? Let’s find out what makes casinos from this small Caribbean island paradise different.

Curaçao is one of the countries that has had casino licenses the longest. They started licensing online gambling as early as 1996. It’s been a bumpy road to where it is today and over the years they’ve had to work hard to weed out rogue gambling companies where the profits have gone to crime and money laundering.

But thanks to their hard work, there’s nothing to say that casinos licensed in Curaçao are any worse than any other. In fact, there are several casinos licensed in EU that also have a license from Curaçao.

Casino Curacao and Payment methods

It is completely legal to play at these casinos, there is nothing that prevents players even if it may seem so sometimes. Among other things, it is not possible to pay with all payment methods or even play all games. For example, it is common that it is not possible to pay with VISA or Mastercard.

It is clear that the EU casinos are trying to make it more difficult to play at casinos in Curaçao. For example, it is very difficult to transfer money with VISA or Mastercard from EU accounts. However, people who play at casinos here know that transferring money via any other payment service solves that problem.

There are several transfer services that work at least as well as card payments. And without transfer costs and delays but still with high security for the customer. Examples of those that are commonly used are Trustly or Skiller. There are a number of other services for transfers and e-wallets. Using these is rarely much more difficult than it would be to use card transfers.


A major advantage of casinos in Curaçao is that they accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. These include Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin to name a few. It is completely safe to use cryptocurrencies and no fees are charged when making transactions. These currencies are not affected by exchange rates like traditional currencies and in addition, this means of payment provides players with great anonymity.

Differences in casino game offerings

Some game developers, such as NetEnt, have chosen not to offer their games at casinos that have not solved an EU license. This means missing out on games like Gonzo’s Quest and Starburst to name a few.

To compensate for this, there are several other game developers that are instead not represented in the EU market. There is a good chance to find new favorites at casinos that are licensed in countries other than Malta or Sweden. Several games from the game developers that can not be played at EU casinos are at the absolute forefront of development. Here you will find games that use new technology to enhance the gaming experience, including games with VR technology.

BankID required

At casinos with a Curaçao license, you must submit documents to identify yourself, and bank statements and other documents may be requested. If you want to avoid BankID altogether, you should also check whether the payment method you want to use accepts other IDs for transfers.

However, there are also possibilities for those who want to play at a casino without a license to choose a casino with a gambling license in Curaçao. There are several payment services that use other ways of identifying their customers, so it is possible to get around, even if there are some obstacles in the way. And for those who want to and can control their gambling themselves, it’s worth the effort.

Advantages of Curaçao casinos

There are several advantages, the fact that the companies only pay 2% in taxes means that there is more money back to the players. There are no restrictions on how much and for how much you want to play. As long as you have the money, you are welcome. The bonuses are very generous and numerous. As a player, you can expect a generous welcome bonus and then recurring bonuses and promotions that give you as a player more chances to win for your money.